Chinese workers demand higher pay and the base of global manufacturing moves to African nations.

A potential technological singularity occurs with the creation of an AI capable of matching human intelligence. Global political entities enter into negotiations over how to deal with the situation and decide to house the AI (now known as Atlas) on the moon, within a facility known as Tartarus Station.

2030 – 2060
Technological advancements speed up rapidly with the help of Atlas. The use of automitons in key industries causes an explosion in unemployment whilst also removing African nations as the centre of global manufacturing, bankrupting the companies that invested there and allowing new companies to rise in their place to meet the demand. During this time three big alliances emerge: Nato, The Star Federation and the Middle Eastern Compact.

Atlas predicts that mankind needs to expand due to overpopulation. The manufacturing industry, which has crippled elements of society, turns to the production of space vessels.

During the construction of space vessels and buildings for colonies, a series of tests are performed to analyse the effects that space will have on travellers – becoming known as the Station Programme.

Survey Probes sent to the Kupier Belt return with data on the minerals and ice found there. Mining vessels are put into production.

Nato continues trying to work under a democratic system but the increasing gulf between rich and poor causes spates of rioting.

China and Russia, the biggest countries in the Star Federation maintain a strict and authoritarian regime which impeaches on human rights and causes tensions to rise further.

Border skirmished between the Star Federation and the Middle Eastern Compact over dwindling resources causes friction between the two alliances, bolstering humanity’s cause for off world resources.

The first wave of colony ships depart earth, landing on Mars a few months later. Endeavour Colony is the first and the fastest growing, as thousands of colonists arrive every month. Amenities and new businesses spring up to capitalize on the growing colonies. Metals are found on Mars and mining becomes one of its biggest businesses.

A few months later the first ships arrive at Titan, forming a small colony named Seed next to a large methane ‘sea’. Fuel becomes the biggest export back to earth.

The big three alliances agree to form an independent authoritarian body to maintain order over the colonies as well as investigate colonial disputes between nations.

As resources from the colonies and mining operations in the Kupier belt start to make their way back to Earth, the major powers of the planet meet and form the Interplanetary Commerce Board (ICB) who introduce a standardized currency called credits to be used in all off world monetary transactions. Other responsibilities include the registration of ships, the registration of claimants of land and monitoring the use of PMC’s to protect companies property.

Nato introduces it’s first space ship navy. Weapons are still ballistic based with torpedos being the primary weapon of a warship. Along with the introduction of the Navy comes the Nato Space Marine Corp. (NSMC)

Soon other major powers introduce their own Navies.

The Vatican funds the construction of a generation ship, with the aim of settling a planet under the name of God and Christianity. The construction of the generation ship Exodus begins. One thousand Christian families volunteer to crew the Exodus on it’s 50 year journey to Proxima Centauri.

The Exodus launches and exits the sol system 7 months later.

2085 – 2112
Riots break out around the world. Eastern countries are quick to suppress these outbursts.

Governments under Nato attempt to counter-act the steep unemployment by increasing the number of people being sent into space as colonists. Several large colonies are now established on Mars thanks to the advent of terra-forming. The first, Endeavour, is now a busy metropolis in it’s own right. The colonies on Titan continue to grow in number, but remain relatively small outposts.

Simple jump drives are developed and the idea of travelling beyond our solar system with ease becomes a possibility.


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