Jupiter Refineries

Basic Information
The refinery receives the raw helium-3 from Jupiters mining operations before offloading it into freighters which arrive at Port William where it can then be shipped off to any part of the Solar System.

Industrial Workplace

1000 at any one time, with workers being routinely rotated back to Port William.

Owned by the Jupiter Industries, based in Port William.

Refining the raw helium-3 for transport to companies that require it for fusion core production.

The 1000 workers operate in a small section of the refineries total mass, the other areas occupied by remote control mechanoids controlled by the workers, which operate in the vacuum of space to keep the refining process cool, and to minimize any risk to the work force. The refinery has a habitation module connected to it, giving the workforce basic living accommodation until they are relieved.

While helium-3 can be found on Earth it is a rare element. It can also be found on the moon, but the Van-Buren foundation and their Tartarus facility have made Lunar a prohibited zone (allowing Van-Buren to also mine the helium-3 themselves, much to the contention of rival companies). Jupiter was seen as the next best target.

Funded by UK investments, the refinery was built in Earth’s orbit, being too large to be constructed planet side – the grav technology at that time was insufficient to lift an object of the refineries total mass. Once complete it took over the course of a year for the refinery to be towed to Jupiter where it was anchored in orbit.

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Jupiter Refineries

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