Europa Station

Basic Information
Europa Station serves as a scientific research facility located on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The majority of the actual structure is submersed below the layer of ice which coats the entirety of the moon, the only visible part of the colony being the dock. Europa Station is also a business venture with several fully equipped laboratories for companies to hire.

Scientific Research Facility.

The colony itself is owned by Europa Holdings Co, who manage and maintain the facility. Each separate company employs its own workforce.


Europa Station houses many laboratories which are completely self-contained units. When more laboratories or modules are required, they are inserted through broken segments of ice and maneuvered into place by remote controlled submersible mechs. All modules connect to a central pillar which acts as the spinal column for the entire facility, the top of which joins the space dock on the surface.

Despite the initial colony ships departing Earth in 2085, it wasn’t until 2092 that Europa Station was operational. Supply delays, engineering issues and an accident in which one of the modules fell to the ocean floor, caused severe delays. Once construction was complete it wasn’t long before the benefits of Europa Station’s research made it back to Earth, synthetic organ research being one of the most prominent.

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Europa Station

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