EM671 - R6

Recording Begins

Hardway: What do you think of the Nimrod?
Bryant: She’s a nice ship, can’t say I have much to compare it too y’know? Ram here has been giving me the 101 of ship design, he’s like a walking library. Also i’ve been reviewing the case notes we have so far.
Hardway: Any luck?
Bryant: Not really, I can’t work out where all these people are going. I mean colonies generally only accept people off transport ships from Earth, not wandering vagabonds from suspicious freighters, that’s always going to flag up some suspicion, even on a backwater rock like Titan. Jump tech has only just been introduced. So they must be going somewhere, Kuiper Station isn’t that big a place. Hopefully when we arrive we can get an update on how things are going on Earth, there must be some kind of operation to get these people onto the ship.
Hardway: How are things with you and Roy?
Bryant: Well, I would say he’s getting used to having me around, it’s obvious he doesn’t like the idea of me returning people to Earth. I’ve heard how grim it can be with no money. But I don’t even know why these people are out there, what if they didn’t go voluntarily?
Hardway: What about Eileen? Spoken to her?
Bryant: Only in passing, she seems to keep herself to herself. She’s taken an interest in Ram though, I’ve seen them talking a lot in the kitchen. I hear mechs aren’t that liked on Earth.
Hardway: She’s martian as well you know?
Bryant: No?
Hardway: Yeah, her brother was at Apollo Colony, during the Apollo incident. I don’t think she’s quite gotten over that.
Bryant: No? Not many Martians have.
Ram: ..Ah, Apollo incident, 15th May 2105, Apollo Colony. The accidental shooting of an NMC soldier by Star Fed forces ignited a small skirmish in the streets of Apollo. One of the transport skimmers of the NMC was shot down crashing into a residential block killing 300 civilians. It was the first case of two major powers fighting off worl…
Bryant: We get it Ram, stop.
Ram: Apologies Sir, this unit did not mean to offend.
Bryant: Don’t worry about it. Just got to learn to be a little bit more…sensitive.
Ram: Sensitive Sir?
Bryant: …huh, never mind.

Recording Ends

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EM671 - R6

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