EM671 - R5

Recording Begins

Bryant: Everyone, I have called you together as I have received a transmission from C.A headquarters on Mars, it’s an update on our case.
Computer: Bryant, this is Commander Tyreman, we have some more details for you. Firstly we believe the Jellico is not the ship’s actual name, nor is the ID it used the correct one. The original Jellico is in storage at Port William and hasn’t moved in the past 5 years. We’re not sure what name the ships actual name or ID code is. However we believe the crew details we gave you are still accurate. We also have reason to believe that Hori is responsible for hundreds of other people who have gone missing under suspicion of being smuggled off world. It is imperative that you capture Hori and find out where the missing people are. Once you’ve reached Kuiper Station meet up with C.A staff there. I’ve already broadcast to Kuiper Station that you are arriving in the next week. Tyreman out.
Bryant: Well, that’s definitely made things harder.
Roy: No shit.
Hardway: How are we supposed to find a ship we don’t know the name of.
Roy: Yeah, there must be 100 freighters there at any one time, god knows how many in the storage gantries. Then you have all the mining vessels….
Bryant: We don’t. We find the captain. Can’t be many 52 year old people of Maori descent at Kuiper Station. And we have his identification papers. But it also seems like this is a bigger operation than we thought.
Hardway: Can’t you just track his PDA? He must have one, everyone in space has to have one.
Bryant: I would imagine he’s thought about that, but, it doesn’t hurt to try the basics, once we arrive at Kuiper Station we will work with the C.A officers there and see if his PDA has pinged up anywhere. I presume he must have a legitimate front to his operations somewhere, to avoid attracting suspicion. Legitimate flight routes and all that.
Eileen: I’ve heard of a few places at the Station that can clone PDAs.
Brynat: We might not know the name of the ship but we do know that he has to go to the station. It’s the only place you can get this sort of back alley work done. We’ll have to work quickly when we get there. We’ll make sure that anyone coming in and out of the docks is checked, it’s the only way we can be sure.
Hardway: How do we even know that Hori is this guys name, or that he looks anything like the info you have on him.
Bryant: Well from the details I got there was an eyewitness who saw Hori with one of the people that went missing a few days before. However, these things can always be a ploy to throw us off. So, we should arrive before they do. Correct?
Hardway: Yeah we made good time
Bryant: So, we’ll use those extra couple of days to find out where 30 unregistered people would go, anybody have any ideas where to start?
Hardway: Well, I’ve heard stories about this one guy.
Bryant: Oh yeah?
Hardway: Yeah, the guy who owns most of the entertainment places in Kuiper Station, the owner of the Dark Man brothel, Roland Tembo.

Recording Ends

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EM671 - R5

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