EM671 - R4

Recording Begins

Hardway: Good morning Miller, sleep well? See you found the kitchen well enough. By the way this is the two crew members I mentioned, Roy, and Eileen. Everyone, this is Retriever Miller Bryant, our commanding officer for this mission, so be gentle with him. We’ve been getting to know Ram here.
Bryant: How can you tell it’s morning?
Roy: Retriever eh?
Bryant: According to my commander yeah, second day on the job. My sleep was okay, my organs feel like they’ve been through ten games of Z-ball though.
Roy: Forcing people back to that shit hole Earth huh?
Bryant: Is there a problem?
Roy: Have you ever been to Earth? Us spacers are the lucky ones, while the rest rot in squalor. You must be one of those Martians. You’ll never know what it’s like to scrape by on food rations all the while clinging onto hope that you might be jetted off to some far flung colony. If some people find a way off world, they send people like you to drag them back.

Sound of Roy leaving

Hardway: Sorry about that Miller, Roy, well he applied to have his wife and son be brought into space, but the Australian government declined his request for the second year running. meaning he has to go through all the application process again.
Bryant: I understand, it must be tough, but I have a job to do. Is Roy going to be a problem?
Hardway: Don’t worry about him, he’ll keep to the mission. Best just stay out of his way.
Bryant: It’s not Roy I am worried about.

Recording Ends

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EM671 - R4

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