EM671 - R3

Recording Begins

Computer: Acceleration phase complete.
Hardway: Easy as
Bryant: I feel like my insides have been fired out my back, how can you ever get used to this?
Hardway: You don’t, you just take plenty of pain killers, didn’t take any before it happened?
Bryant: No, Ram’s explanation was distracting me.
Ram: Ms Hardway asked me t…
Bryant: Never mind, how long until we get to Kuiper Station?
Hardway: Well a freighter or transport ship would take just over a month to reach Kuiper Station, it’s right on the edge of the solar system. With this baby it should only take 13-14 days. You look kind of ill, maybe you should stop by the medbay and get some rest. Then you can meet the rest of the crew.
Bryant: There’s a crew? I was just told about you. How come I’ve not seen anybody?
Hardway: Well you didn’t think I can fly and maintain this thing by myself did you? The other two are down in the engineering bay at the bottom of the ship, they have their own Anti-G chairs. They’re a good crew. It’s up to you whether you tell them why we’re blasting off to Kuiper Station, the biggest shit hole in space.
Bryant: Yeah..just give me a few minutes.

Recording Ends

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EM671 - R3

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