EM671 - R2

Recording Begins

Sounds of ship engines powering up

Hardway: This is Amanda Hardway of the C.A Escort class ship Nimrod requesting permission to leave dock.


Port Authority: Roger that Amanda Hardway, ship ID verified and you are clear for take off.
Hardway: Roger that Port Authority.
Bryant: You look like you know what you’re doing
Hardway: Never flown a ship before?
Bryant: I have my grav car training, and also had a go in one of those surface skimming ships, nothing this size though…or expensive. Besides, always concentrated more on my police work y’know? Always wanted to pilot a ship though. I think every kid growing up wants to be the captain of their own ship.
Hardway: Piloting is in my blood, I came over to Mars back in 2085, my mother was a pilot of one of the colony ships, my dad an engineer. They were allowed to take me with them, after that we were transferred to transport ships. I’ve been on and off ships all my life. I guess this was a natural transition. Now I get to pilot some of the best ships the C.A has.
Bryant: Do you ever see your parents?
Hardway:I go visit them whenever they’re at Endeavour space dock.

The Nimrod takes off and climbs into orbit

Bryant: Must have been tough not staying in one place? Good to know I’m in safe hands though.
Hardway: You kidding me? I loved my childhood, constant excitement. We’re just about to leave Mars orbit. You’ll love this bit, this baby can accelerate at twice the speed of those transport ships. You’re used to high-G acceleration right?
Bryant: I know the basics, I’ve never been off world to be honest, this is my first time.
Hardway: Hey Ram!
Ram: Yes ma’am, what can this…I do for you.
Hardway: Why don’t you inform Mr Bryant of just what he can expect to feel once we break orbit.
Ram: Certainly ma’am. Unlike transport ships that accelerate over the course of a day, the Nimrod is capable of said acceleration in a few minutes. Once the ramjets fire to reach the velocity we need to arrive at Kuiper station shortly after the Jellico we need to accelerate several G. I am afraid this might cause a certain level of discomfort for several minutes. It would seem that the Nimrod is equipped with Anti-G chairs, however these will only go some way to relieving the pressure. Pain killers can be administered.
Bryant: I have to admit, the excitement of first going to space has been diluted somewhat by your explanation Ram. Is it really that bad?
Hardway: You never really do get used to it.

Computer Ramjet Initiation in..5..4..3..2..1


Recording Ends

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EM671 - R2

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