EM422 - R54

Recording Begins

Bryant: …..So, it’s recording me now?
Tyreman: Yes, it’s a new Purina enforcement mechanoid. The C.A had them built to aid it’s officers.
Bryant: It’s a bit conspicuous isn’t it?
Tyreman: You’re to be given a different one, one that looks like a regular labourer mech. That is along with your reassignment.
Bryant: I’m being reassigned?!
Tyreman: Yes, you’re being assigned to C.A.R.D, effective immediately. I recommended you for the position. You always wanted to go off world, well now’s your chance.
Bryant: Do I have much of a choice?
Tyreman: No, the decision has already been made. Here, I already have a case for you. It’s from Earth, a human trafficking case, 30 people are on there way to Kuiper Station who shouldn’t be and it’s your job to take them back. The details of the case have already been sent to your PDA for you to read on your way to the station.
Bryant Earth huh? Never been, I’ve heard the stories. Is it a kidnapping or…?
Tyreman: ….We can’t be certain whether it was forced or voluntary. Either way these people left Earth without permission – none had been selected for the state colony programmes or had the money to buy any property off world. Your job is to arrest them and bring them back. The crew of the Jellico are also to be arrested. You’e authorised to use any necessary force, there isn’t much backup out there.
Bryant: Anything else?
Tyreman: Here, your new badge – this gives you jurisdiction anywhere outside of Earth. Don’t flash it around too much. You’ve been given a ship too, and a pilot, her name is Amanda Hardway, one of the best C.A pilots we have on Mars. She’ll be waiting for at 9am tomorrow at the ports C.A dock. Another thing, make sure to go by the armoury, they have a few items for you as well as a new firearm. You best get going. And make sure to record regular updates on the mech, no more paperwork for you.

Bryant stands up and heads to the door

Tyreman Miller
Bryant: Yes ma’am?
Tyreman: Good luck.

Bryant leaves the room

Tyreman: ’Mech stop recording.

Recording Ends

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EM422 - R54

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