/Transmission-Endeavour Colony – April-10-2099/

/Sent———— April-10-2099/

Hey Mom,

Went to visit the admin building today, I had to go in and re-register as my 4 year contract had come to an end. I could have gone for a new career but I decided that I quite like doing engineer work for Purina, plus this way I can work on getting more promotions, my boss said I’ve been doing a good job and I also get a reenlistment bonus if I stick with the same career. He also said he’d put in a reference for my requisition order.

The woman at the desk said that the chances of my requistion form being accepted were quite high, though they’re quite busy dealing with the influx of tourists come to watch the final of the Z-ball tournament. So it’s looking like it will be a week or so before it will be processed.

It’s likely that you will find out before I do whether you have been chosen or not. Don’t worry about the journey, the transport ships now have been refitted and are much more comfortable. The schools here are pretty good, and there’s always courses you can subscribe to on the PDA you’ll receive. I assume Liz would get one anyways. They’re really useful, though you do get adverts on them from time to time, I guess they have to make money somehow.

I know Liz would love it here, you too, she’d get to hang out with the Martian children and play in the park.

I bought a tomato plant today while i was in the central hub, cost me 50 credits! I know, it’s a lot of money, but these things are so rare. I make sure to water it often, hopefully next year I will get some fresh tomatoes on it. Will beat the paste you get in the meal packs.

I heard the air was a bit cleaner around New York, they finally put some money into those old air scrubbers? It’s good here, they’ve introduced more wildlife into the park. The ‘galactic janitors’ are always grumbling at the mess they make. I suppose it’s good being able to select what animals you bring over, no matter how bad the air was back home there were always pidgeons!

Hopefully once the air becomes breathable around the colony dogs will be allowed. I can see why they’re not when there’s no where to really walk them. I’ve seen a place where you can buy a goldfish, a real one too, not one of those crappy artificial fish. A waste of money if you ask me.


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