/Transmission-Endeavour Colony – April 3rd 2095/

/Sent———— April-04-2095/

Hey Mom,

I was awoken by my PDA ringing, I picked it up and a face appeared on my screen, I didn’t know these things could do that too! Anyways, it was a representative from my employer, seems like I’m now working for Purina Corp mending mechs. I was told to arrive at the factory in the undustrial complex by 1 o’clock SMT to begin my training.

I was really nervous on my way there. The industrial complex is huge! Again lots of massive interconnecting corridors, I can see the towering structures above, along with space ships coming and going. There’s a lot more mechs here, people don’t seem to pay them any attention, usually mechs are stared at back on earth.

I got to the Purina Corp Factory entrance where I met my supervisor. He told me about when he was chosen to come out to Mars back in 2080, he says things have progressed a lot since then! I was shown around the factory, it’s huge and there are mechs of all sorts of shapes and sizes. He showed me a defective 80b series mechanoid. It’s useful when the ‘mech can tell you what’s wrong with it. My supervisor said that it will take a few months before I am qualified to work on basic ’mechs and sent me over some revision to look at.

Picked up a food pack on the way back from work too. My PDA has my credit balance, seems as though you get a free 100 creds when you arrive. Not sure how they make this stuff, apparently tastes like a real pizza. Better than the stuff we used to get back home. Hope the food rations you’re entitled too now that I’ve been shipped here help you out, maybe you can trade them for something useful.

Apparently these things are capable of vid-calls too, next time you’re at the commuications centre try calling me on one of the booths there, hope it doesn’t cost too much.


/End of Transmission/

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