/Transmission-Endeavour Colony – March-01-2096/

/Sent———— March-01-2096/

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the birthday package! It arrived yesterday finally, must be difficult to judge when to send it, still takes about 3 weeks to get to Mars, even with today’s engines. Did it cost a lot? Tell Liz thanks for the picture she drew, I’ve hydro taped it to the window.

I’ve settled into the new apartment I was given with my promotion, I get to work on the new 91c series ‘mechs, much better voice coders in them. My apartment is close to the top of my block and isn’t too far from the station. I’m trying to save up for my own grav car, then I can visit the other colonies, I’ve heard that they’ve managed to raise some cattle at the Nova colony nearby. The car comes with a docking port attachment for my apartment free of charge!

This place is great, every week or so there’s a new wave of colonists. Each of the districts is getting bigger and bigger too. Two new blocks have been constructed since I arrived. I’ve seen the factory where they construct the prefab apartments. I know they’re all basically the same, but they do have some sort of modulation so you can rearrange things.

I can get a vid-feed through my PDA of the local news back home, though it’s a day late. It’s still nice to keep on top of things back there. Hope the rioting hasn’t been around you guys. Make sure you and Liz keep safe.

You’ve probably heard about the bomb threat on one of the transport ships, I heard they tried to hijack it. The colonial authorities were quickly on the scene and were able to shut down the ship and arrest the guy. You see a lot of officers on the streets, it feels pretty safe round here, any trouble seems to be dealt with quickly. The PDA does have a hotline to them, so that’s good. And I hear they can monitor where people are.



/End of Transmission/


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