Bryant Mechanoid 001


Sounds of ships moving, docking arms and people moving

Amanda Hardway: You don’t look like much.
Mechanoid: Ma’am, this unit was constructed this way.
Amanda: Why?
Mechanoid: Query failed – internally this unit is same as the rest of the class. This unit currently does not know why the external configuration is different.
Amanda: I see your no Atlas
Mechanoid: This unit is a limited A.I. in line with the regulations of the current Atlas treaty. In fact most of this units’s key computing abilities were adapted from designs from Atlas. It is 9am, Mr Bryant is late.
Amanda:* You know this Bryant?
Mechanoid: This unit has not seen Bryant. This unit upon activation was given the details of the case and the assigned officers as well as access to C.A and various other earth based police department case records.
Amanda: So…you know my backround?
Mechanoid: Yes.

Retriever Bryant walks towards Amanda Hardway

Miller Bryant: You must be my pilot, my name is Det…… Retriever Miller Bryant, please, just call me Miller.
Amanda: Amanda Hardway, nice to meet you Miller.
Miller: This must be the ‘mech, I see you two have become acquainted. What do I call you?
Mechanoid This unit does not have a…name. This unit is a Purina Enforcement Series 5 Class Mechanoid.
Miller: Always used to give the ’mechs names when I was growing up, not that they ever used the ones we gave them. I’m not walking around calling you Purina Enforcement ‘mech or just ’mech. Anything you would like to be called?
Mechanoid: Query Failed – you may assign this unit a name if you wish.
Miller: Know of an old Earth film named Tron?
Amanda: Nope, never seen any old earth film, I hardly watch Holo-vids as it is.
Mechanoid: (pause)……Tron, a science fiction film made in 1982 directed by Steven Lisberg…
Miller:….yes, anyways in that film..
Mechanoid: Would you like the synopsis?
Miller:…No, anyways in the film the titular character Flynn has a computerised version of himself who has a simple sidekick named Ram.
Mechanoid: Is Mr Bryant suggesting this unit be referred to as Ram from now on?
Miller: Yes!
Amanda: I have no idea what you two are on about?
Miller: Have you not been to the universal museum in the central hub?
Amanda: Yeah but…
Miller: Well they have an entertainment section, you can subscribe and download historic films. I subbed to the sci fi collection, has all the classic pre atlas sci fi films in there. I’ve downloaded the whole collection for the journey to Kuiper Stattion.
Amanda: great….

recording ends


Bryant Mechanoid 001

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