During the early months of 2030, an experiment funded by the Van-Buren corporation into the development and research of progressively more capable Artificial Intelligences, bore fruit – one of several AI’s demonstrated intelligence matching that of a human being.

The scientists involved in the project acted quickly, isolating the AI from the others and ensuring it would be unable to network with any other electronic device (a precaution that had already been taken into consideration upon the experiments inception). Confined to a single computer terminal, the AI was powered down as negotiations between global government bodies were initiated so as to discuss further actions to be taken – Van-Buren wanting to house the AI in a secure facility on the moon. This suggestion was eventually agreed to, on condition that any government could commune with the AI on matters consented to by the U.N.

Van-Buren constructed the $4billion compound, known as Tartarus Station, on the dark side of Lunar and the entire celestial body was pronounced a prohibited zone, with lethal force being administered to any trespassers.

Mankind’s technological advances sky-rocketed due to ideas and knowledge imparted by the AI, who became quickly known as Atlas – holding the world on its proverbial shoulders. Space travel was improved ten-fold from what it had been in the 20th century, various industries were suddenly able to expand across the entire solar system, providing an explosion of jobs, something which was drastically needed, as the almost entirely mechanised workforce (an idea also born from Atlas) had crippled the job market on Earth, causing widespread unemployment leading to violent civil unrest.

Today, experiments run by Van-Buren are still under-way within Tartarus Station, as further research goes into Atlas and his potential for surpassing human intelligence.

A selection of recorded conversations with Atlas:



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